Counseling Session

I have never been a big fan of counseling. I never saw the benefit in letting things out by telling a person all the crap in your life. However, this week has changed my whole perspective! In my DTS class here at the University of the Nations we are doing a ministry called Plumb-line. As a class We look at a biblical perspective of our personality and dig deep to expose any areas of our life that need Healing.

Two days ago each student was given a worksheet. The assignment was to list Authority Figures in our life that we needed to forgive. We also listed things that we have done (Drinking, drugs, pornography, having bitterness and anger) that has hindered our relationship with God. The next step came as a big surprise. One by one we were asked to share what we wrote with our entire class (22 students). I personally have never been able to share with a counselor, even in a one on one situation.

To my surprise I felt God telling me to be one of the first people to share. A few people went in front of me then I stepped up to the plate. I can’t explain it exactly, but I just started to pour my heart out right there in the middle of the class. Other people in my group all started pouring their hearts out and being real with the class. Everyone started to forgive their parents, brother/sisters, relatives in their lives that had abused them. People were being released from bondage, and I started weeping in front of the entire class. And I did not feel a bit ashamed. One girl even started laughing uncontrollably for 5-7 minutes after she had been ministered to, and filled with joy from the Holy Spirit. These last two days I have seen God work in such miraculous ways! I am so glad I stepped up to the plate and put everything on the table, becoming vulnerable. I believe it has drawn me to a deeper connection with my Classmates/family and an even deeper relationship with my heavenly father.

I am now a fan of Counseling… Christian Counseling, with God at the center.

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